A Renovation

I, unlike my truck hoarding son ( see previous posts ), do not have a methodical mind. So up until this moment, I had not thought through, the steps that might be necessary, on my end, to bring what I saw, as a relatively uncomplicated project, to completetion.

The Farm

"The Farm", as it has been known in my family, for as long as I can remember, was one of the most influential things that happened in my life. A time period, that holds a very sacred place in my heart. A place, and the memories that were created there, that I have held in the highest of esteem. I knew I was lucky to be there.

Road Trip Thoughts

 I rolled down the window and smiled at my son, who had just made his first solo, cross border flight, from the US. As he opened the front passenger door, to see the approximately two square feet, that had been allotted him, he stood there in disbelief, looking for some shelter from his own anxious journey. After greeting me, he despondently asked "And where do you propose I sit?" (Echoes of a past experience to the Thrift Store).

Vegetarian Meatloaf

Sometimes I find myself navigating my life, as if I were in a raft, on a fast paced journey, through white water rapids. Going down at top speed, hoping and praying, I don't make a stupid mistake, and find myself upside down, while dropping into some rocky waterfall, in which I may be unable to right myself. Like at any moment, something's going to hit me, that I can't handle.

Chicken Potato Salad

I wondered, why it was a woman's voice that I heard, instead of the jovial tone, I had come to expect, and appreciate. My heart fell, as his wife explained that he had passed away, a few days before.  He'd apparently been dealing with some health problems, of which, I was unaware. And in the past few months, there have been others. 

Favorite Whole Wheat Bread (using your bread machine)

The colors of the sky, caught my eye. It was as if the sunset was beckoning me. So I stepped out onto the deck, to soak up the night. I sat myself on a folding wooden chair, my daughter had handcrafted years ago, at a summer camp. It is the kind of chair, that screams "stay a while". The kind that doesn't allow  you to prop yourself on the edge, as if only resting for a minute.

Lemon Bar Cheesecakes

But through the hole in the wall, come those welcome glimpses of the rewards of it all. Those measuring stick moments. The one's that give us shivers, up and down our spines. The one's that make us swell with pride, when we witness their successes. But they're not everyday occurrences. They come just often enough, to help motivate us, to keep going.

Dill Dip

Recently, while out for some morning exercise with a friend, I said something, that made me stop and listen to myself. Sometimes, things come out of my mouth, that give me insight, into how I'm doing. It can be the most enlightening experience, if I stop and listen.

Maple Walnut Oat Bars

As I slipped into the drivers seat, ready for takeoff, I realized I was unable to shift the automatic transmission lever, from park, into drive. Neither could I, by this time, contain my laughter at the craziness of the situation. It was not unlike our return trips from our annual trek to the West Coast of Canada, when we pack the car full of souvenirs, snacks, backpacks, sleeping bags and my miscellaneous car length, pieces of driftwood I've collected on the beach. You know, to decorate the garden.

Mini Ham, Cheese and Arugula Quiches

He then started to ask me, among other things, about sprouting seeds and beans. How long they should soak, which containers are best for proper growing environment, etc. I found myself feeling like I should be an expert on the subject. I have sprouted a couple of types of seeds before, years ago, but I am no expert. But for some reason, I felt like I should be. My pride, thought I should be.